I think Jon Shafer's At the Gates will blow everything out of the water, this year and maybe for several to come. It's THAT good.

- StefaNonsense

You might just have a classic in the making. Reminds me a lot of Colonization (1993 version). Only, in some ways, better.

- Rob "The 4Xplorer"

This is easily the most refreshing strategy game I have played in years.

- Hooked Gamers

At the Gates is now available!

At the Gates is a PC strategy game from Jon Shafer, BAFTA award winner and lead designer of Civilization 5.

You are a Dark Age lord. Your destiny is to build a kingdom in the shadow of the crumbling Roman Empire. Explore the dangerous landscape around you, harvest its resources, and build a mighty economic and military machine. Your clans have their own personalities and desires, so carefully consider how you use them.

It won't be easy. Your path is unsure. Overcome your immensely strong neighbors. Outlast the frigid winters of the far north to discover a source of gold and vast riches.

Are you the leader who will usher in a new era of European history? Or will you be forgotten?

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