Preorders & Game Distribution

In the next week or so we’ll be switching from collecting contributions through PayPal over to a formal pre-order system powered by the Humble Bundle Store. Once this happens you’ll only be able to purchase the game by itself for $30, or the game plus strategy guide and designer notes for $35 so anyone that hasn’t yet contributed but wants the $5 early-bird discount should do so soon!

Speaking of which...

At the Gates will be delivered to those who have already contributed through Kickstarter and PayPal with the help of those great folks over at Humble Bundle. A good example is Grim Dawn, another project that was funded through Kickstarter. The awesome folks over at Humble build a database and handle all of the logistics of hosting the game, offering a location for people to download it, and a way to easily send purchasers the info they need.

When the game is ready, everyone will be sent a URL to a custom page that includes links to the download, the Steam key and any other associated goodies you’ll receive as part of your contribution/purchase (e.g. the strategy guide and designer notes). You can also create an account with Humble Bundle to manage all of your games purchased through their store, instead of having to keep that original email in a safe place until the end of time.

Needless to say, this is much better than me sending out a few thousand keys by email manually!

- Jon

At the Gates on Steam

I’m very excited to officially announce that AtG will be available on Steam! Everyone who contributes at least $25 through Kickstarter or here on our website using PayPal will receive a Steam key, along with the ability to download a version of the game directly from Conifer with no bundled 3rd party software.

The fact that AtG will only be available via download coupled with Steam’s position as the dominant digital retailer means this is very good news. Putting the game in front of a larger audience increases the likelihood of financial success, and that means more patches, content and opportunities to develop unique titles down the road.

We’ll also be using Steam to streamline the process of distributing alpha and beta builds, which we expect to updated roughly once a week. This makes me personally very happy, as managing the logistics of a testing group 500+ strong is a bit daunting. Thankfully that should be a lot easier now. Can't wait until we're ready to get that started!

- Jon

Design Docs News & Economics Brainstorming

Some exciting news! Access to the AtG design documents has been granted to those of you who contributed $125 or more. I've sent a message to those who have already done so explaining how it works. For those of you who would like to join this group, you can do so at any time by contributing right here on our website, and I'll send instructions via email for where you can find the docs.

I'm not one to leave the rest of our generous supporters out in the cold though - I've shared another meaty design doc excerpt over at my website which includes my brainstorming from late-2012 when I was trying to answer some questions regarding how the economic system should work. I hope you all enjoy it!

- Jon

You Did It!

Because of your generous support, At the Gates has been successfully funded through Kickstarter! This is an important step, but one that is still early in the journey. There's a long road ahead, but we can't wait until the game is finished and we can share it!

If you didn't discover our Kickstarter in time to contribute, you can still support us through PayPal simply by clicking on the button above. All of the reward tiers are the same as on Kickstarter, so in the memo let us know which rewards you would like.

Thanks everyone!

- Jon

AtG on Mac, Linux, iOS - and Playable Romans!

Welcome to the At the Gates Website!

The Conifer team is very excited to finally be revealing our first project. Please take a look around, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

- Jon


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