At The Gates - Early Access

Want to put your stamp on At The Gates? All tiers priced at and above $50 provide immediate access to the latest alpha version! These bundles also include an invitation to our private AtG Test Group where you can tell us what you think of the game and help us make it even better.

WARNING: When we say "alpha version" we are not kidding around! You will encounter bugs, missing features, dumb AI, uneven pacing and a lack of polish. If you're (a normal person) who's just interested in playing AtG for fun we recommend waiting until the game is officially released.

That said, if joining the development team for an amazing strategy game also sounds like fun then, well, you've come to the right place! We interact directly with Test Group members and genuinely appreciate and consider all feedback - this isn't a cash grab, marketing gimmick or bug hunt in disguise. Your financial support is what allows us to create games, but the contributions of our Test Group members are our secret ingredient for creating truly great games!

This bundle includes...

(1) ... Early Access ... TODAY

• Immediate access to internal alpha builds (PC platforms, via Steam or DRM-free download).

• Invitation to our private AtG Test Group discussion forum.

(2) ... Strategy Guide & Designer Notes ... Q1 2017

• Digital copy of the official At The Gates strategy guide and designer notes following the game's official release in Q1 2017 (via PDF or similar format).

The real prize with this guide is several in-depth chapters which delve into the design process behind various aspects of AtG's development.

(3) ... The Finished Game ... Q1 2017

• Unlimited DRM-free downloads of At The Gates for Windows, Mac, and Linux following the game's official release in Q1 2017.

• Free Steam key.